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City business area skyscrapersThe mission of Confidus Solutions is to provide a full range of world-class corporate services aimed to serve individuals and companies looking to grow and expand the business. Confidus offers full range of world class corporate services in more than 150 jurisdictions worldwide.

Confidus Solutions services include:

Confidus Solutions services varies among the country or state you inquire about.

Top jurisdictions for company registration

For setting up a company, it is important to choose a suitable legal structure and a favorable legal system.

Company registration
JurisdictionCompany type 
LatviaSIAGet set-up
Hong KongLtdGet set-up
JapanY.K.Get set-up
GermanyGmbHGet set-up
ItalyS.r.l.Get set-up
Delaware, U.S.Inc.Get set-up
SpainS.A.Get set-up
GibraltarLtdGet set-up
PolandSp. z o.o.Get set-up
New ZealandLtdGet set-up
BahrainFZCGet set-up
Labuan, MalaysiaICGet set-up

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You can look at our jurisdictions page or write us now.

Company registration - write us

Top jurisdictions for bank account

Confidus Solutions organizes each step of the process for opening a bank account (trading, merchant, corporate, escrow) in another country. Rates and regulations are fully researched and understood to ensure proper and efficient account opening.

Bank Account Opening
JurisdictionAccount type 
LatviaTradingOpen with us
Hong KongCorporateOpen with us
GermanyCorporateOpen with us
ItalyMerchantOpen with us
United StatesMerchantOpen with us
SpainTradingOpen with us
United KingdomTradingOpen with us
AustraliaCorporateOpen with us
SwitzerlandMerchantOpen with us

Possible jurisdictions for manufacturing proccess

While setting up a company for manufacturing, hand-made production or heavy industry, you must account for labour expenses.

Company for Manufacturing
JurisdictionMinimum wage/hour 
South AfricaoptionalStart now
India€0.25Start now
Bangladesh€0.43Start now
Mexico€0.42Start now
Russia€0.45Start now
Pakistan€0.58Start now
Cambodia€0.67Start now
Laos€0.70Start now
China€0.74Start now
Malaysia€0.79Start now
Brazil€1.30Start now
Germany€8.47Start now
United Kingdom€8.58Start now
France€9.36Start now

Top jurisdictions for holding companies

Taking into consideration aspects like tax regime, substance requirements and confidentiality, we would strongly recommend that you choose one of the following jurisdictions for your holding structure:

Holding Structure
Malta100% tax exemptAsk us more
The Netherlandscompany share alienationAsk us more
Singaporeno income tax on dividendsAsk us more

Corporate Services

Exotic rocky islandConfidus Solutions supply following business support:

In secific situations, we can assist with trademark registration, VAT registration, tax optimisation for internation finance, accounting and bookkeeping, business consulation and international investment.


Our procedure is simplified to bare minimum, yet holding a promise of an afrementioned corporate services being fullfilled.

Our process of action can be devided in three steps:

  1. Phone/E-mail communication to agree on the terms of a task
  2. Our direct involvment to acquire all permits, documentation and suppliers
  3. Conclusion of agreement; last payment of inquirer


Time of management varies per request put upfront. Any of afrementioned services can take from few days up to several months. We can not make any promise on timeline of events regarding specific case before we have obtained all related information. Moreover, we deal with national governments and banks worldwide and each of them have different times of cunduct.