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Liberties and freedom in Benin

With regard to political and civil freedoms, Benin is 1. Citizens in Benin experience total freedom. The majority of countries in which citizens enjoy expansive civil liberties and political freedoms are representative democracies, in which officials are directly elected by citizens to advocate for their needs and desires. Free countries are often bolstered by healthy economies and high-functioning governments. The businesses of Benin are 4 in terms of economic liberty. Citizens in Benin are considered mostly unfree with regards to their economic decisions. The government has complete control over a majority of businesses, and high levels of corruption are present in the economy. For these reasons, this country is considered unsafe for foreign investments, as financial backers may not exercise total control over their own financial decisions. In terms of journalistic freedom, the media of Benin is in a 3. In Benin, journalists face a difficult situation. Censorship is widespread and media that is not favored by the ruling authorities may be banned.