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Industry of Thailand

Major industries in the country are tourism, textiles and garments, agricultural processing, beverages, tobacco, cement, light manufacturing such as jewelry and electric appliances, computers and parts, integrated circuits, furniture, plastics, automobiles and automotive parts, agricultural machinery, air conditioning and refrigeration, ceramics, aluminum, chemical, environmental management, glass, granite and marble, leather, machinery and metal work, petrochemical, petroleum refining, pharmaceuticals, printing, pulp and paper, rubber, sugar, rice, fishing, casava, world's second-largest tungsten producer and third-largest tin producer. The Industrial Production growth rate of Thailand is -3.1%.1.1% of population in the country are unemployed. The total number of unemployed people in Thailand is 761,015. Thailand produces 173,300 GW/h of electricity each year. Thailand emits 4.5 metric tons per capita of CO₂. On average, you would pay 0.91 USD for one liter of gasoline in Thailand. One liter of diesel would cost 0.64 USD.


The total labor force of Thailand is 39,136,450 people, wherein 42% are working in agriculture, 20% are working in industry, and 38% are employed in services. People in Thailand speak the Thai language.