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Confidus Solutions has years of experience in assisting and consulting international clients in order to constitute and run global companies smoothly. One of our main offers is providing international accountancy services through local financial advisors for new and existing companies.

We offer a wide range of accounting services to ensure the timely preparation of your company’s tax reports, either on an annual or monthly basis - depending on your requirements. We will take care of everything, starting from tax planning and counselling to drafting reports for submission at the offices of local tax authorities. Our auditing services will make sure that your company is compliant with all requirements, standards and legal regulations of the chosen jurisdiction.

Confidus Solutions can offer their clients virtual accounting services for any European country. Every jurisdiction has its own accounting rules, time periods and deadlines for submitting accounting reports and tax returns that may vary depending on local regulations. Our team will contact you timely in order to ask you to present the documents required.  Our accountants shall take care of payroll management issues and provide professional advice on accounting, taxation and worldwide business operations. We can also conduct financial auditing and provide different administrative service, if required.

If you are looking for a detailed consultation in bookkeeping, please open one of the pages below:

Accounting services

Confidus expert accountants and lawyers will be happy to offer you the following services:

Choosing Confidus Solutions as your professional accountant will also provide you with the following benefits:

The list of services listed above is not full. We may also provide unique solutions, based on your necessities. If you require additional information – please contact us.

Fees of accounting services

Fees of accounting services are established individually for each client, depending mainly on the amount of accounting documents and number of transactions per month. Other factors that determine fees for our services are: complexity of transactions, industry of the business, number of employees and amount of assets.

Invoices for the accounting services are usually billed on a monthly basis. However, we can also agree to quarterly, semi-annual or annual payments for services provided. We fully appreciate and understand that each client must plan his/her financial activity beforehand.

Hourly based fees & fixed-fee arrangements

There is always an option to calculate accounting fees on time-spent basis. As practice shows, a lot of foreign clients prefer to cooperate on a fixed-fee arrangement terms, as it provides more certainty and predictability. However, if the amount of work is almost unpredictable or accounting operations are of higher complexity level – we may try to negotiate an hourly based fee.

If you would like to receive a fixed-fee proposal for accounting services in advance, please provide us with the following information:

One of the best things about Confidus’ accounting services is that tax consultations and tax planning advices are included in the fee for our accounting services.

Worldwide accounting solution

Confidus Solutions offers opportunities to international clients for tax planning outsourcing, statutory accounting, as well as filing any type of reports.

Instead of studying local bookkeeping regulations and report filing requirements - you can simply entrust this task to us. We are here to run these errands for you. Our professional team of accountants, lawyers and auditors will make sure your company’s bookkeeping meets all legal requirements in accordance with local laws. In the meantime, we are always eager to share our knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping with you!

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