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Confidus Solutions can offer you company formation services in any country in the world, including popular offshore locations. However, there are numerous possible jurisdictions, all offering different benefits, and so it is essential to choose the right country for setting up your company. Depending on your personal goals, corporate structure and other requirements, our professional lawyers will advise you on the best jurisdiction in which to start your business. You can see a full list of jurisdictions here.

Before choosing a jurisdiction, it is essential to have a good general understanding of the purpose (business structure) of your company. Are you going to use your company to hold assets or perform trading activities? Or maybe it is to be a subsidiary? Depending on how you are planning to use your company, a different legal structure will offer the most efficient solution. Prior to choosing a jurisdiction, you need to decide on the structure of your business. Questions? Contact the Confidus team now for a free consultation.

Choosing the best jurisdiction for your company: what you need to know

You should bear in mind that every country has its own legal conventions. For example, countries using a British-style common law system will have slightly different company formation procedures and legal business structures to countries that use a continental European legal system or Sharia law. When it comes to company formation, cultural and historical differences should also to be taken into consideration, as different regions have different cultural backgrounds and legal traditions.

While European Union (EU) countries are quite prestigious and grant access to the common internal EU market, the tax implications can be substantial, and auditing and bookkeeping standards are fairly strict, making such companies quite expensive to maintain. However, certain corporate structures within Europe may provide an efficient solution for tax-planning purposes. A business structure called the VAT triangle is quite popular among foreign business leaders and investors.

For those looking for low maintenance costs and a low-tax solution, we can offer the classic options for a favourable tax regime, such as Belize, the Seychelles, Panama, Hong Kong, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man and others. These jurisdictions offer a quick and easy-to-follow company incorporation procedure as well as low or zero tax rates for foreign business companies.

If you need assistance or legal advice, contact our lawyers now.

Areas for company formation

As the Confidus team of professional agents and lawyers can offer company formation in any country worldwide, for your convenience we have arranged all available jurisdictions into several groups, by geographical location, tax regime and geopolitical criteria. Please see the full list of groups below:

Every group and, moreover, every jurisdiction, has something unique to offer in terms of the business startup process. Here you can find some basic information about each; if you find you are still undecided, we strongly recommend that you read it carefully.

European companies

When choosing a jurisdiction for a company in Europe, you should understand that the European Union (EU) does not equal Europe. There are some countries and exclusive jurisdictions that are geographically positioned in Europe but are not a part of the EU, either fully or partially, for example, Norway, Switzerland, Guernsey, the Isle of Man, Gibraltar and Liechtenstein. Some of these territories offer a low-tax regime, which may be useful for tax planning purposes. Many companies established or purchased in these jurisdictions are private or public limited companies. A substantial number of the companies that we have incorporated are private limited companies (LLC).

Top-choice European jurisdictions

GibraltarIsle of ManJersey
  • British overseas territory
  • Cheap and easy maintenance
  • Business-friendly taxation
  • Pleasant, warm climate
  • British Crown-dependent, self-governing territory
  • Corporate income tax rate of 0%
  • Straightforward incorporation process
  • British Crown-dependent territory
  • Corporate income tax rate of 0%
  • No requirements for minimum capital

European Union (EU) companies

The EU is an intergovernmental economic union, which aims to promote free trade and achieve economic stability, and a common internal European market spanning the territory of the 28 EU member states. In terms of incorporation, every country in the EU has certain specific benefits, not to mention peculiarities in legal procedures for company formation, which may differ between jurisdictions. Some jurisdictions offer relatively quick and accessible remote company formation and maintenance, while others don’t have any black-listed jurisdictions or else may present a great opportunity to minimise taxation (sometimes even to 0%). According to statistics from the European Commerce Registers, the vast majority of companies within the EU are incorporated as standard limited liability companies (LLCs).

Top-choice EU jurisdictions

  • Low tax rates
  • Nominees can be used to achieve an efficient corporate structure
  • Ready-made solutions available
  • Company formation within 1 day
  • Business immigration programmes
  • Quick and easy company formation
  • Flexible taxation and confidentiality legislation
  • Local nominee services available
  • Simplified bank account opening

Middle East companies

Prior to registering a company, make sure you are fully aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each option in the Middle East and nearby islands, such as Bahrain and Socotra (Yemen). Bahrain is currently flourishing as one of the most prosperous countries in the Middle East, offering international entrepreneurs and investors a receptive environment for setting up a business. For a foreign company in Bahrain, it is possible to incorporate a limited liability company (LLC), a partnership company or a branch of a foreign company. Qatar has many foreign companies operating within its borders, mostly in the oil, mining and engineering industries. However, Qatar is supportive of all foreign companies willing to invest and operate in its territory.

Top-choice Middle East jurisdictions

  • Low-tax regime
  • Solid business environment
  • Booming oil industry
  • Flexible legislation
  • Modern & flexible legislation
  • Low-tax regime
  • Prestigious international business hub
  • Investment-friendly environment
  • Booming oil and mining industries
  • Modern banking system

African companies

You can incorporate a sharikat al-mossahamah in Egypt or a société anonyme in Morocco; these are generally the most common legal structures for companies throughout all of Africa. In Egypt, you can also incorporate an SAE, an LLC and several other types of legal entity. SAE in Arabic stands for “sharikat al-mossahamah”, and closely resembles the United Kingdom’s plc. LLC in English stands for “limited liability company”, which is very similar to the United Kingdom’s limited company. Before registering a company, you should have a thorough understanding of all the advantages and disadvantages of each African jurisdiction, including Comoros, Mauritius, the Seychelles, Cape Verde, Mayotte, the Madeira Islands and the Canary Islands.

Top-choice African jurisdictions

EgyptThe SeychellesRepublic of South Africa
  • Famous tourist destination
  • Rich cultural and historical heritage
  • Simple business startup process
  • Low-tax regime
  • Flexible legislation
  • Local nominee services available
  • High confidentiality standards
  • Rapidly growing economy
  • Investment-oriented legislation
  • Local business hub
  • Booming mining industry

Asian companies

Confidus Solutions offers highly regarded expertise when it comes to incorporating a company in any of the Asian states. Earth's largest continent by surface area, Asia consists of 48 sovereign countries as well as several partially recognised countries and dependencies. Sociedad de garantia reciproca and sociedad anónima are frequently encountered business structures throughout Asia. All Asian states are independent from each other, which makes it difficult to recommend one specific legal entity for registering a company.

Top-choice Asian jurisdictions

Hong KongSingaporeTaiwan
  • Prestigious jurisdiction
  • Low-tax regime
  • International business hub
  • Prestigious jurisdiction
  • Low-tax regime
  • International business hub
  • Booming electronic device manufacturing industry
  • Flexible legislation

North American companies

There always is a chance that a business will require a legal structure based in North America. Whatever your aims may be — privacy, tax planning, holding — Confidus Solutions will help you incorporate a company. The Bahamas is a great jurisdiction for tax planning purposes. The most common company types are domestic limited company, usually used for doing business locally; company limited by guarantee, which should have at least two shareholders; and public company, which should have at least three directors and is subject to a compulsory audit. Belize offers a wide variety of legal structures, including private companies, limited liability partnerships, sole proprietor companies, public investment companies and trust funds. Panama offers several different legal entity types, providing multiple vehicles for achieving your personal and corporate goals and creating a suitable corporate structure.

Top-choice North American jurisdictions

PanamaBelizeThe Bahamas
  • International trade hub
  • Low-tax regime available
  • Simplified bookkeeping and auditing requirements
  • Nominee services available
  • Multiple legal structures available
  • Popular investment destination
  • Low-tax regime
  • Nominee services available
  • Easy banking
  • High confidentiality standards
  • Cheap maintenance
  • Tax-free area
  • Flexible legislation
  • Nominee services available
  • Simplified bookkeeping and auditing standards
  • High confidentiality standards

South American companies

Before opening a company, you must have a clear picture of all the advantages and disadvantages of every option in South America and the nearby islands such as Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao and Trinidad and Tobago. Please bear in mind: if you need to incorporate a company in Brazil, make sure you contact us first. There are fundamental differences between private (fundação privada) and public (fundação pública) entities in Brazil.

Top-choice South American jurisdictions

ArubaArgentinaFrench Guiana
  • Constituent country (Kingdom of the Netherlands)
  • Modern and flexible legislation
  • Warm, pleasant climate
  • Stable economy
  • Significant exports
  • Resource-rich territory
  • Skilled local labour force
  • Overseas territory of France
  • Official language is French
  • Modern legislation
  • Well-developed economy

Tax haven companies

Generally speaking, a tax haven is a jurisdiction where taxes are either applied at a low rate or not at all. Well-known examples include Panama, Belize, the Seychelles, the Cayman Islands, the Isle of Man and Hong Kong. It is widely recognised that in the modern, dynamic business environment, with many countries collaborating to create an intergovernmental tax-monitoring system, it is becoming more and more difficult to achieve your corporate and personal goals. Reducing the volume of applied taxes and securing confidentiality aren’t the only advantages of setting up an international company on tax-friendly territory. Although tax planning is one of the major advantages offered by certain kinds of international company, the chance to greatly reduce business expenses and maintenance costs is also a very attractive benefit.

Top-choice tax haven jurisdictions

LuxembourgThe Cayman IslandsThe British Virgin Islands
  • Low-tax regime available
  • Booming, stable economy
  • Investment-friendly environment
  • High confidentiality standards
  • Offers numerous tax-planning tools
  • Nominee services available
  • Good for asset holding
  • Full tax exemption
  • Simplified bookkeeping and auditing standards
  • High confidentiality standards

Confidus Solutions

Our professional team of lawyers will provide you with detailed consultation and prepare a legal opinion which will help you evaluate all risks and factors correctly. Together, we’ll find the most efficient, tailored solution, ensuring you reach your personal goals. Contact our lawyers now.

We have the experience and resources to provide you with company formation services worldwide. Before you set up your company, we’ll help you create an autonomous corporate structure, aimed at minimising taxation and lowering expenses. If required, we can provide any other relevant business support services, from a legal address to assistance with business immigration. Contact us now to proceed!

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