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Confidus Solutions provides various composite schemes as solution to specific need, be it a inheritance structure with confidentiality or real estate holding, or a trust.

Our solutions include: Irish agency company, European VAT-registered trading company, expanding a company with a substance, EU as offshore, Dutch foundation, Merchant account with EU tax free company and of course - Cyprus.

Irish Agency Company

Agency Company is a popular trading vehicle with minimum exposing to Irish tax. An lrish Agency Company is only a subject to lrish taxation on the agency fee that it receives, for example 5% on the gross profit, minus administrative costs of the Irish company. Nevertheless high taxation rate 25%, an lrish company in an Agency structure is a tax efficient and cost effective method for structuring the provision of services, commissions and general trading.

European VAT-register trade company

VAT registration will allow you apply 0% VAT for goods or services sold from one European union country to another. EU partners will look at VAT number of your company as evidence of substance. Having a VAT number can be excellent sign of safe and long term business possibility with your company. This is critically important when registration of EU trading company is the choice.

Demonstrate a validity for your company

Your company requires a substance to demonstrate that the company is performing legit commercial activity, thus in-line with tax authorities. Substance issues are becoming more strict for tax purposes within Europe. Therefore, some may prefer to have more physical substance for their companies. Substance issues usually arise when local tax authorities request proof that management, control and main activity of the company takes place in the country of registration.

EU offshore

Have you heard EU offshore corporate structure? If not, then read further on how standard Limited Partnership company solve the same issues as classic offshore company does. Our unique structure standard Limited Partnership company gives:

Holding structure and Dutch foundation - STAK

The STAK is short for Dutch Stichting Administratiekantoor. The stichting is the legal form comparable to a foundation.

Dutch STAK serves well as an alternative to trust for inheritance and non-disclosure purposes.

The STAK is used to receive shares and to give back depository receipts to those same shares. This share swap results in a situation whereby the shares in the BV are swapped for depository receipts on the same shares. By interposing the STAK in the BV holding structure – the identity of the sole shareholder is not known to the public, tax service or a bank. This enables the holder of the depository receipts to transfer his shares to another person. This occurrence is known by the public, tax service or a bank. In this sense it is an effective vehicle for confidentiality purposes.

Merchant account & EU tax free company

Through Confiduss Solutions network of European banks, we are able to assist you with the setting up of a merchant account, which includes opening a merchant account in your EU company's name with an EU based acquiring bank.

A merchant account is almost an essential aspect for many businesses these days, since clients are demanding more and more the ease of paying immediately for a product or service using their credit card.

We accept all kinds of legal businesses wishing to accept credit cards on their websites as well as businesses who need to accept orders via phone or email.