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BNP Paribas

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BNP Paribas basic information.

Bank Profile Data
Local Bank NameBNP Paribas (BNP)
Country of incorporationUnited Kingdom
Legal Address10 Harewood Avenue, London

Indicative information on BNP Paribas, covering business information:

Financial and Legal Data
Reg. No.BR000170
VAT number
Asset CurrencyGBP
No. of Shares

Open a Bank Account at BNP Paribas

Corporate Account Private Account Merchant Account Savings Account Trading Account Escrow Account

Upon request of account opening procedure

We proceed to confirm details of registrant with BNP Paribas and report back to you in a timely manner. After this step has concluded, we may proceed on a meeting (virtual meeting is possible) to draft an agreement.

Please note, Confidus Solutions is only a banking agent and has no impact on a decision making process whatsoever. Therefore, in case of a refusal, we hold no liability and reserve right to offer another solution.

Company formation in United Kingdom

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