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The Republic of Poland or simply Poland is located in Central Europe and is part of European Union. While the establishment of Polish state dates back to year 966, Poland regained its independence and started its way to being the advanced economy it is now in 1989. Poland is the eight largest and considered to be one of the most dynamic economies in the EU, it also has a leading school educational system in Europe. Poland provides its citizens with a free university education, universal health care system and state-funded social security. It is also a member of the Schengen Area, NATO, OECD and the United Nations.

Poland is considered as one of the most successful countries to transition from communism to the market economy. The return of the democracy was followed by the liberalisation of the economy, privatisation of the small and medium-sized state-owned companies as well as a rapid growth of private sector. Poland is the leading producer and exporter of apple concentrate and is one of the leading producers of cabbage, berries and carrots. In addition to agriculture, Poland’s main industries are coal mining, machine and shipbuilding, glass, iron and steel manufacturing as well as food and beverage processing and textiles.

It is estimated that approximately 36% of the foreign investments go to manufacturing. Other attractive sectors for foreign investments in Poland are logistics and transports, financial services as well as IT and data transfer. Also, thanks to the growth of Polish economy, the real-estate market has caught the attention of both – local and foreign investors.

If you are considering to set up a business in Poland and are exploring the most beneficial and profit-generating ideas, below are some of the most attractive sectors along with the benefits they can provide.

Polish company for IT and software development

IT and software development sector in Poland is among the most vital and robust industries with good fundamentals as well as further growth prospects. Polish IT sector is considered to be a leader in the region with the demand for qualifying IT engineers constantly growing. The main reason and at the same time the benefit of setting up an IT business in Poland is its vast human capital – high quality IT engineers.

Poland tends to distinguish itself in terms of IT graduates – approximately 40 thousand young people each year receive a top quality higher education in IT and software development. The high quality of IT education is proven by numerous international programming competitions and rankings, such as Top Coder. Polish IT specialists are demanded not only locally but are also highly demanded abroad. Other benefits of setting up an IT business in Poland are high product quality and low production and workforce costs in comparison to other countries.

These are the main reasons, why such companies as Microsoft, Google, HP and IBM have opened their offices in Poland and other foreign companies are located in all biggest cities of Poland. Currently, two most popular cities for IT businesses are Warsaw and Wroclaw. Although some of the world’s biggest technology companies have entered Polish market, there are still plenty of opportunities and perspectives for the IT and software development in Poland. One of the reasons, why this sector is still highly encouraging is the rapid development and new products, such as mobile solutions, cloud computing and Blockchain technologies. Additionally, Poland offers certain state aid for investors and Special Economic Zones are developed to provide investors with the entire technology infrastructure.

Polish company for research & development

R&D sector in Poland is considered as one of the success stories among EU member states. The main actors of R&D sector are the Polish Academy of Sciences along with other higher education institutions and individual R&D businesses. The Polish government is also encouraging R&D activities by funding special programs through which numerous investment opportunities are available for R&D projects. Meanwhile, Polish universities prepare highly qualified workforce, which is relatively cheaper if compared with other EU countries.

Research and development activities are advancing in all major economic sectors, especially electronics, aviation, telecommunication and IT, biochemistry and biotechnology, pharmaceutical products and other innovative technologies. This sector is not only open to local entrepreneurs – national authorities welcome and support also foreign investments by opening numerous new science and technology parks which are specially designed to facilitate the establishment of R&D units.

Polish company for automotive

Automotive is one of the most important industries in Poland comprising machine tools, petrochemicals, electrical machinery, car manufacture and shipbuilding. There are several important factors why foreign entrepreneurs should be interested in this developed market. For example, Polish automotive sector is ranked second in the world in terms of manufacturing output. Similarly as with previously mentioned industries, also automotive sector is highly attractive due to a vast supply of highly qualified and relatively inexpensive workforce. There are numerous opportunities for you as a foreign entrepreneur to apply for funds from various EU programmes and certain conditions when you can be exempted from CIT (corporate income tax) or benefit from available state aid programs for foreign investors.