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Corporate website development

Depending on the website's purpose, there can be different features which should be pointed out in order to build website's technical foundation. For example, if a company wants to advertise some new products available on the market in order to increase sales by selling the goods online, then a smart content management system is needed in order to make online sales efficient. If the goods are exclusive, above the average price comparing to other their prototypes in the market, then website's content must reflect the level or the standard of the products.

This means that the website must have an alluring interface. If the range of products is pretty wide, than the website must have not only attractive interface, but also a rather intuitive design in order to help potential customers easily navigate it. Therefore, the site must incorporate tools and features that stretch across appealing design, wisely chosen and arranged content and promising online marketing tools as well due to the necessity of making goods sellable.

Essential features of a good corporate website

When it comes to website appearance, a successful site's domain name must be chosen first in order people to be able to easily recognize it. SEO would be helpful too, since Google recognizes the content and structure of a website when it ranks for search. In this case a wire framing throughout site's content can be done. Social media integration can make the website recognizable and boost SEO as well: Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram etc. This also can be accompanied by creating a mobile-ready or mobile friendly version of a website.

Clear navigation is one more feature which a good corporate website must have. Navigation strategy is a call to action defining what website owners want people to do on the site. For example, place an order, email, become a member, visit the company, receive services a company can provide etc. When it comes to standard website content, there are some features which it must contain such as logical roadmaps. For example, from the visual point of view the site must definitely contain a main page with sections describing its content.

Effective website content

In general the site can contain information about the company, its Team members or historical background, terms of selling-delivering goods or services, shopping section like shopping cart or basket, if the website offers its customers countable items which can be bought online, support section, contacts section where a list of addresses and phone numbers can be included and an illustrative section where picture gallery, video gallery and/or audio files can be placed, stored, downloaded and/or viewed.

Additionally, the site may contain sections with frequently asked questions (FAQ ) or “advice desk”, feedback section, special offers, upcoming news or events, popular or useful articles arranged as a blog, notes or even a diary.

Website building platforms as an alternative to traditional website creating approach

There are some automated website building platforms available in the Internet these days which can provide a necessary help for those who wish to have already-made patterns of picture galleries and image box layouts, text box templates and arrangements, title font designs and other useful tools for website's visual presentation. Most popular of them are referred to as, GoDaddy, Weebly,,, BigCommerce etc. Usually these platforms have demo versions which can be easily used in order to make very first steps in creating a new, stunning website for free.

Of course, there will be some limits regarding website building features; however, each registered user is able to subscribe for wider range of technical means in order to achieve perfection. Such website builders are a great alternative for long meetings with graphic designers, exhausting discussions with many disagreements, attitude conflicts and other distracting and unnecessary engagements. Website's interface can be made on the spot, very easy, taking all the hard work out while a beautiful and functional site's design is being produced.

The main advantage of this approach, however, is that the interface can be adjusted, replaced or rearranged just as easy as it was created without the need to understand and write special software codes and do other programming and IT stuff which can be done only by professionals.

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