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Latvian joint stock company incorporation

Joint stock company, commonly abbreviated as JSC, is a public legal entity, which means that its shares can be publicly traded. Similarly as limited liability company, also JSC shareholders liability is limited by the contributed capital.

Authorised capital

The minimum amount of capital for JSC is 35,000 EUR and this sum has to be paid in fully by the registration of the company. In case of specific legal entities, such as insurance companies, banks and other non-banking financial institutions, the minimum share capital amount can be much larger.

Shareholders of the company

Similarly as for a limited liability company, the owners of company shares may be either legal entities or individuals. But contrary to a limited liability company, JSC shares can be bought and sold publicly. The maximum number of shares is unlimited and more shares can be issued during the life of the company. There are several types of shares and usually the shareholders’ rights to vote and receive dividends depend on the category of shares. Typically shareholders are entitled to express their opinion about the direction of the business and other subjects, such as the distribution of profit and appointment of the council. All shareholders’ decisions are made during a shareholders’ meeting.

A council elects as well as revokes members of the board of directors. Board of directors is the executive body of the company. Unless stated otherwise, all members of the board of directors represent the company jointly and decisions are made by voting. Only a private person can be a member of the board of directors.

Documents needed for JSC incorporation in Latvia

In order to register a company in Latvia, below documents need to be submitted in the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia:

JSC incorporation process in Latvia

Incorporation of a JSC in Latvia is a complex legal procedure, which requires involvement of experienced corporate lawyers or incorporation agents. JSC incorporation generally consists of the following steps:

When the company is registered, you shall receive following documents:

Reporting to tax office

JSC is obliged to report its financial statements once a year and a report on the company’s employee salaries must be submitted each month. In case the company’s turnover exceeds 50,000 EUR, it is obliged to register as a VAT payer. This also needs to be done if the company plans to export goods or services abroad. If a company is registered as a VAT payer, it has to submit VAT reports on a monthly basis.