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Confidus Solutions is not a specialized law firm, and none of its employees are qualified to render legal services or present legal advice to its clients. If you are seeking for a professional legal advice, it is highly recommended to contact qualified lawyer in order to discuss your case.

Confidus Solutions is not a bank or financial institution: it does not provide banking or financial services directly or indirectly. Confidus Solutions provides company formation, business set up and support services, bank introductory services, and bank account opening assistance for its clients. The following website can be used exclusively for advertising and marketing purposes of Confidus Solutions’ services and is not intended for creating a view of a banking institution.

Note that Confidus Solutions and all of its Directors, employees, partners and agents do not promote the use of offshore companies and bank accounts, unless you have acquired qualified legal advice in the country of your tax residence. Confidus highly recommends investigating the legal acts of your jurisdiction regarding tax residency as well as the legal requirements for the disclosure of the existence of offshore beneficially owned structures and their income.

Confidus Solutions holds the right to change the fees without any prior notice. Confidus Solutions holds the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time and to inform you by renewing or publishing changes on its website.