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Doing business in American Samoa

Confidus Solutions employs wide range of experts in different fields: lawyers, real estate experts, bank agents, accountants, tax consultants and other professionals. Our company is capable of providing legal, accounting, business support and other corporate services worldwide, however, these services may be limited in certain jurisdictions due to political, economic, legal reasons or other risk factors.

You can request corporate services in American Samoa, and we will review your request. A response will be sent as soon as possible providing the most suitable solution. However, due to , we strongly recommend reconsidering dealing with the jurisdiction.

Please evaluate the opportunity of requesting similar services in alternative jurisdictions: Virgin Islands (British), Seychelles, New Zealand, Niue, or United Kingdom.

Some corporate, banking or business support services may be limited in American Samoa, therefore, you may be offered with similar services in alternative jurisdictions.

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