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Environment of China

In China, the amount of alternative and nuclear energy consumed amounts to 4.3% of the total energy use. China emits 6.7 metric tons per capita of CO₂. The number of road motor vehicles per 1000 inhabitants in China is 380.


Total land area of China is 9,596,960 km2 (approx. 3,705,390 mi²). 2083210 km2 of China's territory is covered in forests. and forest land comprises 22% of all the land in the country.

Issues China faces

Currently China faces various issues, including air pollution (greenhouse gases, sulfur dioxide particulates) from reliance on coal produces acid rain, water shortages, particularly in the north, water pollution from untreated wastes, deforestation, estimated loss of one-fifth of agricultural land since 1949 to soil erosion and economic development, desertification, trade in endangered species.