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Christmas Island

The ISO code of Christmas Island is CX according to the ISO 3166 standard. The local name of the country is the same as its English name. Christmas Island capital city is Flying Fish Cove. People in Christmas Island speak the English language. In the year 1957, Christmas Island emerged as a sovereign political entity.

Christmas Island is located in the UTC +07:00 time zone, which is also called Christmas Island Time or CXT. The internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Christmas Island is .cx. The International dialing code for Christmas Island is 61. People in Christmas Island drive on the left side of the road. Total land area of Christmas Island is 135 km² (approx. 52 mi²). Christmas Island is not a landlocked country. It means that is is bordered by at least one major body of water.

A view in Christmas Island

Christmas Island is located in Asia.

Currently Christmas Island faces various issues, including loss of rainforest, impact of phosphate mining.

Doing business in Christmas Island

We offer various corporate services in Christmas Island jurisdiction. These services can serve both, people coming from Christmas Island and foreigners. If you plan on doing business in Christmas Island you might be interested in contacting us.

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Demographics of Christmas Island

The total population of Christmas Island is 2,205 people. In Christmas Island, the population density is 15.1 people per square kilometer (39 per square mile). Because of this statistic, this country is considered to be sparsely populated. The median age is approximately 34 years. In Christmas Island, 30.9 in every 100 people use internet.

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Culture of Christmas Island

People in Christmas Island speak the English language. One of the most popular national dishes of Christmas Island is christmas island red crab. To read more click on culture of Christmas Island.

Geography of Christmas Island

Christmas Island is considered to be a large nation because of its total area. Its total land area is 135 km² (approx. 52 mi²). Christmas Island is located in Asia. Its capital city is Flying Fish Cove. Christmas Island has no land borders.

The highest point of Christmas Island is Murray Hill, with its official height being 361 m (1,184 ft). Including land mass and EEZ, the total area of Christmas Island is approximately 135 km² (~52 mi²). The most notable natural resources found in Christmas Island are phosphate, beaches.To read more click on geography of Christmas Island.

Economy of Christmas Island

The currency of the country is Australian dollar. The symbol used for this currency is $, and it is abbreviated as AUD. 1.9% of population in the country are unemployed. The total number of unemployed people in Christmas Island is 42. Each year, Christmas Island exports around $0.027 billion and imports roughly $0.045 billion. The Gini Index of the country is 36.24. Christmas Island has a government debt of 6.4% of the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP), as assessed in 2013. Major industries in the country are tourism, phosphate extraction (near depletion).

The corporate tax in Christmas Island is set at 28.5%. Personal income tax ranges from 0% to 49%, depending on your specific situation and income level. To read more click on economy of Christmas Island.

Infrastructure of Christmas Island

There are 3,028 internet hosts in Christmas Island. Christmas Island has 1 airports nationwide.

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Politics of Christmas Island

Christmas Island, is a federal constitutional monarchy. The head of the government is Elizabeth II.

In Christmas Island, the legislative power is vested in a Parliament. To read more click on politics of Christmas Island.

Environment of Christmas Island

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Company formation in Christmas Island

The development of telecommunications and economic globalization has made it possible for interested investors to form companies around the world. With proper research, financial investments, and legal backing, business ventures can safely be established in Christmas Island.

When establishing a company in Christmas Island, an interested investor must do due diligence with regard to legal processes, international regulations, and sufficient investment for success. It is critical to understand cultural, social, and political factors of Christmas Island that will affect the establishment and growth of one's business. Contact us or click on company formation in Christmas Island to read additional information when setting up a business.

Bank account opening in Christmas Island

With the right paperwork and initial outlay, it is possible for a foreign citizen to open a bank account in Christmas Island. This opportunity for international accounts and investments offers several advantages based on economic regulations and tax structures. Interest rates and fees vary depending on your interests.

When considering opening a bank account in Christmas Island, one must enlist the help of international experts to guide them through the process. To find out more about our banking services click on bank account in Christmas Island or contact us.