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Environment of Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan, the amount of alternative and nuclear energy consumed amounts to 0.9% of the total energy use. Kazakhstan emits 15.8 metric tons per capita of CO₂. The number of road motor vehicles per 1000 inhabitants in Kazakhstan is 150.


Total land area of Kazakhstan is 2,724,900 km2 (approx. 1,052,085 mi²). 54498 km2 of Kazakhstan's territory is covered in forests. and forest land comprises 2% of all the land in the country.

Issues Kazakhstan faces

Currently Kazakhstan faces various issues, including radioactive or toxic chemical sites associated with former defense industries and test ranges scattered throughout the country pose health risks for humans and animals, industrial pollution is severe in some cities, because the two main rivers that flowed into the Aral Sea have been diverted for irrigation, it is drying up and leaving behind a harmful layer of chemical pesticides and natural salts, these substances are then picked up by the wind and blown into noxious dust storms, pollution in the Caspian Sea, soil pollution from overuse of agricultural chemicals and salination from poor infrastructure and wasteful irrigation practices.