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Liberties and freedom in Kuwait

With regard to political and civil freedoms, Kuwait is 2. Citizens in Kuwait experience partial freedom. While the majority of citizens are able to exercise their free will to a certain extent in Kuwait, some political engagement may be limited and certain population groups may be excluded from certain freedoms or expressions. The businesses of Kuwait are 3 in terms of economic liberty. Citizens in Kuwait are considered moderately free with regards to their economic decisions. The government in this country exerts noticeable control over businesses and other economic activities. Citizens may own property and control certain financial decisions, but in many cases the government can take control over private property for state needs. In terms of journalistic freedom, the media of Kuwait is in a 3. In Kuwait, while journalists are allowed to express a variety of opinions, they are only permitted to publish those that do not oppose government or state ideology. The government in this country may have its own state-sponsored publications to further their ideas and beliefs. This is considered to be a problematic situation.