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Culture of Niue

People in Niue speak the Niue, and English languages. The followers of Christianity are the religious majority in the country. 37.9% of Niue's population live in cities. This percentage comprises the urban population of Niue. The rate of urbanization in Niue is considered to be -0.2. The negative rate of urbanization in Niue indicates a lack of economic strength and stability in that nation’s cities. This could indicate that investment in this nation’s industries is a gamble; decreasing urbanization could result in a lack of labor for large business projects.

National anthem

The national anthem of Niue is called 'Ko e Iki he Lagi', which in English means 'The Lord in Heaven'. It was adopted in 1974.

Fast food

Around 76% of the population of Niue are obese.

Alcohol consumption

Each year, the people of Niue consume 1 litre of alcohol per capita, and this volume consists of 47% beer, 1.7% wine, 51.3% distilled spirits, 0% other alcohol.

National dish

One of the most popular national dishes of Niue is grilled fich and fish stew.