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Culture of Marshall Islands

People in Marshall Islands speak the English, and Marshallese languages. The linguistic diversity of Marshall Islands is vaguely diverse according to a fractionalization scale which for Marshall Islands is 0.0734. The followers of Christianity are the religious majority in the country. 71.8% of Marshall Islands's population live in cities. This percentage comprises the urban population of Marshall Islands. The rate of urbanization in Marshall Islands is considered to be 2.7. According to data on inbound tourists in Marshall Islands, 10,000 tourists arrive in the country each year.

National anthem

The national anthem of Marshall Islands is called 'Forever Marshall Islands'. It was adopted in 1991. Both the music and the lyrics have been composed by Amata Kabua.

Fast food

Around 45% of the population of Marshall Islands are obese.

Alcohol consumption

The rate of alcohol consumption in Marshall Islands and the relative distribution of different alcohol types are unknown, which might indicate the lack of traditional alcohol distribution industry.

National dish

One of the most popular national dishes of Marshall Islands is macadamia nut pie. Other national dishes include fruit bat soup, micronesian chicken.