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Environment of Tuvalu

The environment of Tuvalu, its aspects, challenges and possible impact on business.


Total land area of Tuvalu is 26 km2 (approx. 10 mi²). 23 km2 of Tuvalu's territory is covered in forests. and forest land comprises 88% of all the land in the country.

Issues Tuvalu faces

Currently Tuvalu faces various issues, including limited potable water supplies, beachhead erosion because of the use of sand for building materials, excessive clearance of forest undergrowth for use as fuel, damage to coral reefs from the spread of the Crown of Thorns starfish, Tuvalu is concerned about global increases in greenhouse gas emissions and their effect on rising sea levels, which threaten the country's underground water table, in 2000, the government appealed to Australia and New Zealand to take in Tuvaluans if rising sea levels should make evacuation necessary.