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Culture of Wallis and Futuna

People in Wallis and Futuna speak the French language. The followers of Christianity are the religious majority in the country. 0% of Wallis and Futuna's population live in cities. This percentage comprises the urban population of Wallis and Futuna.
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Urbanization rate indicates the rate of population shift from rural to urban areas. The urbanization rate of in Wallis and Futuna is particularly low, which could be a sign of economic issues. Lack of employment opportunities or urban resources could contribute to low urbanization rates. Countries with low urbanization rates often lack the resources necessary to build functioning urban areas and are comprised largely of rural or undeveloped areas. The rate of urbanization in Wallis and Futuna is considered to be 0.

National anthem

The national anthem of Wallis and Futuna is called 'La Marseillaise'. It was adopted in 1795. Both the music and the lyrics have been composed by Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle.

Fast food

The data on fast food distribution in Wallis and Futuna, as well as associated health risks, is not available for the country.

Alcohol consumption

The rate of alcohol consumption in Wallis and Futuna and the relative distribution of different alcohol types are unknown, which might indicate the lack of traditional alcohol distribution industry.

National dish

One of the most popular national dishes of Wallis and Futuna is ika fish dishes.