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Environment of Zambia

In Zambia, the amount of alternative and nuclear energy consumed amounts to 11.2% of the total energy use. Zambia emits 0.2 metric tons per capita of CO₂. The number of road motor vehicles per 1000 inhabitants in Zambia is 114.


Total land area of Zambia is 752,618 km2 (approx. 290,586 mi²). 376309 km2 of Zambia's territory is covered in forests. and forest land comprises 50% of all the land in the country.

Issues Zambia faces

Currently Zambia faces various issues, including air pollution and resulting acid rain in the mineral extraction and refining region, chemical runoff into watersheds, poaching seriously threatens rhinoceros, elephant, antelope, and large cat populations, deforestation, soil erosion, desertification, lack of adequate water treatment presents human health risks.