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Currently, we do not have any shelf company in China

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Aged companies in China

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China has no aged company in our shelf company catalogue.

Archived companies

The archive of (China) ready-made companies.

Local name: 奇* 投资组**Capital: 1800Location: BeijingBrowse
Local name: 完** 相**Capital: 5600Location: ChongqingBrowse
Local name: 优** 资**Capital: 4000Location: WuhanBrowse
Local name: 优* **Capital: 2200Location: TianjinBrowse
Local name: 欢** 中国*Capital: 5500Location: BeijingBrowse
Local name: 优** 秃鹫基*Capital: 3400Location: HangzhouBrowse
Local name: 优* 信贷紧*Capital: 1100Location: ShenzhenBrowse
Local name: 优** 单位信**Capital: 3900Location: DongguanBrowse
Local name: 极** 特许协*Capital: 1300Location: BeijingBrowse
Local name: 奇** 安*Capital: 3800Location: ShenzhenBrowse
Local name: 卓** *Capital: 830Location: BeijingBrowse
Local name: * **Capital: 3000Location: BeijingBrowse
Local name: 无法形** 标称***Capital: 5000Location: BeijingBrowse
Local name: 巨大** 借刀杀**Capital: 1500Location: FoshanBrowse
Local name: 吉* 商**Capital: 3200Location: HarbinBrowse
Local name: 壮** 分**Capital: 4700Location: FoshanBrowse
Local name: 优** 公*Capital: 770Location: ShanghaiBrowse
Local name: 最* 每年当量**Capital: 1900Location: ShenyangBrowse
Local name: 真* 终端奖**Capital: 3000Location: ShanghaiBrowse
Local name: 完*** 股息收益**Capital: 3800Location: GuangzhouBrowse
Local name: *** 经纪**Capital: 4500Location: HarbinBrowse
Local name: 优* 美*Capital: 5000Location: ChongqingBrowse
Local name: 惊** 特许协**Capital: 5300Location: BeijingBrowse
Local name: 最** 金**Capital: 5500Location: BeijingBrowse
Local name: 真* **Capital: 5600Location: ShanghaiBrowse
Local name: 卓** 固定收*Capital: 5400Location: HangzhouBrowse
Local name: 优* 股**Capital: 5100Location: SuzhouBrowse
Local name: 灿** 资**Capital: 4600Location: ShenzhenBrowse
Local name: 偶** 管理基**Capital: 4000Location: FoshanBrowse
Local name: 奇** 相**Capital: 3200Location: BeijingBrowse
Local name: 欢** 商业周*Capital: 2200Location: DongguanBrowse
Local name: 迈开可** 经纪**Capital: 1000Location: QingdaoBrowse
Local name: 惊** 液**Capital: 5000Location: ShenyangBrowse
Local name: 偶* 个人储蓄账**Capital: 3600Location: ChongqingBrowse
Local name: 难以置信** 特*Capital: 1900Location: BeijingBrowse
Local name: 难以置信** 高级债**Capital: 5400Location: BeijingBrowse