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Confidus Solutions deals not only with offshore companies and banking, but also provides all relevant corporate services that your business may need. Our professional team of lawyers and tax advisors will take care of your routine corporate paperwork easily. We can ensure all required support, including legal framework and personal assistance, and these are things that provide our clients with the comfort they truly deserve.

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Our corporate services include following offers, but are not limited to:

We highly value needs of our clients, so we can offer you more services on case-to-case basis. Even though our central office is located in Europe – our numerous co-operation partners around the globe can help us find unique solution in any part of the world!

Confidus nominee services

An intermediary usually provides nominee services in order to hide the beneficial owner of the business. Nominee services are related to nominee shareholder and nominee director. The advantages of using nominee services appear in cases when a businessman wants to keep his privacy.

Confidus Solutions has partners and agents all around the world, allowing us to provide nominee services worldwide, depending on needs and goals of our clients. Our lawyers and tax advisers will provide you with detailed legal opinion on tax planning as well as provide unique corporate structure fitting your needs!

Advantages and application of nominees: Nominee services

Trademark & brand registration

In the framework of the EU’s intellectual property, a trademark is a sign that identifies a company. It allows to distinguish one brand from another, or, more specifically, to distinguish the products or services of a company from the products and services of any other company. The company that registers a trademark obtains an exclusive right to use it together with legal protection. In this way, the trademark itself can gain a value, which can grow with time, according to the value and reputation of the brand. The trademark holder can prevent the use of a similar trademark for a similar business purpose made by unauthorized third parties. Therefore, it is very convenient to register a trademark, if you want to prevent a competitor from using a similar sign to identify its products or services.

Protect your brand name by registering it: IP registration

Drafting corporate documents

Corporate documents, also known as legal documents are set of specific documents, where all the necessary facts regarding the company are written. These documents are known as “face” of the company, because they are source of official information about the company. Whenever a company is founded or changes are made, documents including facts about the company or the facts about the corporate changes must be filed with the Register of Enterprises.

Drafting and reviewing corporate documents: Corporate documents

Company dissolution

The meaning of company dissolution attributes to a process of formally and officially closing the company. The 'formally' and 'officially' means that the company will no longer exist in public registers. There are multiple ways to close a company. Each way has slightly different process, but generally, dissolution is the natural result of any of these procedures. Two most common ways to dissolve a company are by liquidation or by bankruptcy.

Liquidate your company now: Company dissolution

License and permission acquisition

Business license is a specific document that allows running business and operating in specific business field. Generally, the license is issued by the government, agency or governmental institutions. The necessity for obtaining a license before starting particular business usually is defined by law.

Running business without a license, when the law requires obtaining the license, is illegal and the government inspector may impose a fine, require stopping activities and obtaining the necessary license. Licensing usually refers to specifically regulated business field, such as banking, trading with alcohol and cigarettes, oil business, providing taxi services, security services, etc.

See if you need a license and apply: Licenses & permissions

Anti-money laundering (AML) policy implementation

Money laundering is a money legalization process, when a person takes actions that conceal the source of funds in order to make their nature lawful. Anti-money laundering (AML) involves a set of measures aimed to prevent usage of the financial system or banks for money laundering or terrorist financing. AML measures and instruments are globally standardized and implemented by international and national institutions, banking and business companies.

AML strategy and policy development: AML

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Confidus Solutions will provide you with finest legal advice on any of the topics listed above!