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Online presence

Online presence can be extremely important for certain types of businesses, especially for trading and online trading companies seeking an audience on the internet. Your company's website does more than just serve as a business card for visitors and clients; it is also a source of potential clients and partners. That is why it’s so important not only to get the design and appearance of your site right, but also the technical aspects: source code, keywords and search engine optimisation.

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In other words, in order to increase the number of visitors (including potential clients), it is important to follow certain rules and guidelines when developing a website. Even a visually poorly designed site can bring in more clients and income than a high-end, well-branded designer one, if everything is done correctly.

Confidus Solutions has a team of professional copywriters, web designers, programmers, SEO specialists and web marketing experts who can help you create your dream website, meeting all your standards and requirements. We can also audit your existing website and improve its overall layout and structure in order to enhance its performance. Read on to find out more about our online presence services.

Business website development

Website development is an essential part of any business, as the majority of clients (about 80%) are now found through various online channels and sources. In other words, not having a website is only viable for small businesses, in small communities, that are aiming for no more than a couple of dozen customers. Even so, such companies could still use their websites to jumpstart a rapid development process that would help them reach beyond their limitations, and so a business website is more or less a must for any company.

A corporate website can have various purposes, performing a number of internal and external functions to help boost the success of your business. Internal functions are related to the actions users take when already on the website, while external functions serve to bring clients to the site, i.e. they are related to how the website appears on other portals, such as search engines.

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SEO business support

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a set of internet marketing techniques that ensure a strong online presence for business websites. Modern business practices push company websites to their full potential, transforming them from mere 'online business cards' to potent tools for marketing and attracting clients.

Search Engine Optimisation aims to make corporate websites easier to find, using specific keywords that relate to your business. It also helps with managing visitor flows, ensuring that clients who search for specific services find the pages offering those services first, and only then discover the site’s other pages. This can drastically change the number of clients ordering services from a company, as the faster a client lands on a page describing the service they need, the more likely it is that they will order that service from this particular company, rather than waste their time looking for alternative options.

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Confidus Solutions

Confidus Solutions will help you evaluate all of the possible options and choose the most efficient, unique solution to achieve your personal goals. We have many years of expertise in this area and our experienced SEO and web marketing specialists will provide you with everything you need in no time. If you would like more information, take a look at our offered solutions or contact us for an offer unique to you.