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Business support services

Confidus Solutions deals with not only offshore companies and banking, but also provides all necessary business support services. Our professional team is much more than traditional bookkeeping agencies or company formation agents. We can ensure all required support, including legal framework and personal assistance, and these are things that provide our clients with comfort they deserve.

Our business support services include following offers, but are not limited to:

We highly value needs of our clients, so we can offer you more services on case-to-case basis. Even though our central office is located in Europe – our numerous co-operation partners around the globe can help us find unique solution in any part of the world!

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Confidus serviced office

A serviced office space is an office that is provided for and is equipped by a facility management company. The services provided may vary amongst different providers but generally include specialized office space (conference rooms, working space, etc.), utilities, IT infrastructure and various office equipment.

One of the most direct advantages of a serviced office space is its convenience - for a fixed payment, a company is able to acquire a ready-to-use working space and equipment, which requires no special maintenance.

Rent an operational office: Serviced office

Confidus virtual office

A virtual office is a working space created virtually with the aid of computers and other digital equipment, i.e. without using physical premises. While not only virtual offices provide local presence on a foreign market, they are especially beneficial to business seekers to provide contacts for local clients and partners.

Confidus virtual office services are a package offer and usually include the following: legal address, call and e-mail forwarding, document forwarding, virtual working space and conference call organization. Please contact Confidus Solutions to discover what kind of physical presence is required in your chosen jurisdiction.

Advatanges of renting a virtual office space: Virtual office

Confidus management office

Substance matters are becoming tougher within Europe and worldwide for tax purposes, therefore, some clients may prefer to have more physical presence in the place of practicing, and not only virtual office services.  The economic substance of a company is a physical presence in a certain jurisdiction for the purpose of tax benefits. In other words - a government must see that a company is physically represented and/or is conducting some form of its business in order to provide tax benefits and incentives.

One of the possible strategies to increase substance – is to establish a functional management office. Confidus Solutions can provide the substance office in various jurisdictions worldwide, including numerous famous offshore jurisdictions.

Create substance with management office: Management office

Registered office space

A registered office is an official address of any legal entity, which gets assigned by every entrepreneur during the establishment process. It may also be called legal address, legal seat or domicile. Along with a registration number, a registered office is an obligatory attribute for any type of legal entity, thus composing the necessary public records in most of the jurisdictions. You can always choose to have a rental service of your registered address, or in other words – to use a third-party address. There are many benefits of renting a legal address.

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Get registered office and secretary: Registered office space

Local staff recruitment services

Many jurisdictions, e.g. Singapore, especially those that provide special tax planning benefits, require foreign companies to recruit local staff in order to receive previously mentioned benefits. Besides that, jurisdictions like Latvian list the low-cost skilled labor force as one of the main advantages of registering a company there, making hiring local staff an inherent part of the incorporation strategy.

Recruit local specialists: Staff recruitment

Due diligence services

Due diligence is an investigation of a company that is usually used before concluding an agreement or starting new business co-operation. Due diligence involves a check of good standing of the company, evaluation of planned earnings and cash flows assessing quality of assets, identifying business risks, highlighting any unexpected issues that might affect execution of agreement, identifying hidden costs, commitments and contingencies, verifying and estimating potential tax exposures and other checks based on case-to-case basis.

Business investiagation and good standing evaluation: Due diligence

Legal translation services

Legal translation is all about rendering translation services in the field of law. This includes translating contracts, agreements, articles of association (in case of company formation), as well as various business documents and blanks. Legal translation is different from other forms of translation, as it relies on the utmost precision of conveying information and terminological correspondence, as incorrect translation may lead to significant legal ramifications, including law violations and lawsuits.

Document translation and transliteration to other languages: Legal translation

Verification and notarization of the document

The notarization of the document basically means that an official, usually called notary, approves that the document is signed by a certain person. The notary will identify the person signing the document and add a notary seal with notarial certificate to the document. That way any third party can rely on the fact that the signature of the document is real, not forged. This service is known as a notarized signature. But you must be aware of a risk that signing party can be unaware of the document’s content.

Although a notarization can make document completely legal and recognizable, the notarization can be insufficient to be recognized in other states. That happens, because every jurisdiction recognizes its own public power, and not that of other states. In cases, when a document must be notarized in order to be used in another jurisdiction - an Apostille Certificate can help and make document valid in foreign state.

Verified signatures and notarized documents: Notarization services

Confidus team can provide you with any of the services listed above!