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Legal translation services

Legal translation is all about rendering translation services in the field of law. This includes translating contracts, agreements, articles of association (in case of company formation), as well as various business documents and blanks.

Legal translation is different from other forms of translation, as it relies on the utmost precision of conveying information and terminological correspondence, since incorrect translation may lead to significant legal incongruity, including law violations and lawsuits. This is the primary reason why legal translation services are provided by special business-support agencies like Confidus Solutions. Translator, with no preliminary knowledge of law-related linguistics, risks making a faulty contract translation, potentially incurring legal consequences to the business.

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Business translations

Business translations can be considered a sub-type of legal translations, dealing with contracts, agreements and other legally binding documents between two parties. Business translations are related to both law and economics, because most contracts operate with terms from both of these fields. As corporate documents often include not only initial documents (articles of association, shareholder agreement, etc.), but also documents related to daily business activities, high quality business translations are a must at all times, if you want to avoid unnecessary risks and lawsuits.

Possible translation challenges may include: names of legal forms, arising from the fact that many jurisdictions recognize different legal forms, which may correspond to each other to a greater or lesser extent. A single legal form in one country may be represented by several similar forms in another. When incorporating in a foreign jurisdiction, it is crucial to indicate such differences correctly in company registration documents, as it defines the scope and the nature of corporate structure and activities.

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Incorporation documents

No business can legally exist without undergoing a company registration procedure prescribed by laws of residence jurisdiction. It is often required that incorporation documents must be submitted in official language(s), which makes legal translation services a necessity for most of the foreign businessmen. Often relocation to another jurisdiction is unavoidable for tax planning purposes, and, accordingly, this makes business translations an integral part of the activities of any company.

Auxiliary document translations

Besides contract and agreement, auxiliary documents such as patents, bills, invoices, manuals, etc., also often require translation, when expanding your business into other jurisdictions. These are essential for smooth operations, and, as any other paperwork, require cooperation between linguists, lawyers and economists. They are especially important in tax planning procedures, including accounting and report preparation.

Certified translations and apostilles

It is often required by many jurisdictions that the document’s translation should be verified by the translator and his signature authorized by the notary. Sometimes, in specific cases, an international verification form called 'apostille' is required in order for the translation to be valid. We may not only offer you translation of your documents, but also their verification by notary or apostille, meaning your company will always be ready to provide any document in any language!

Confidus Solutions translation services

Confidus Solutions provide legal and business translation services, upholding the quality and ensuring complete secrecy of any documentation. We will ensure an impeccable legal discourse correspondence between any languages offered, providing help on any business stage, whether it is a company registration, incorporation or day-to-day business activities. In order to request translation – please contact us now!