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Incorporate a new company

business agreement handshakeTo start a business, you will have to register a company. However, there are many questions and issues to consider during the company formation process, such as where to register the company, what legal structure to choose, what documents you will need, how to reduce your expenses and tax burden, what the procedure involves, etc. Confidus Solutions is here to clarify everything.

Before even drafting the documents, there are two decisions you will need to make in order to determine subsequent action: what jurisdiction are you going to incorporate your company in? This is the major factor that will determine a wide range of things, such as the company formation procedure, the documents required and the taxes your company will have to pay. Below you can find a directory, which will help you choose the best possible jurisdiction based on one of the several criteria.

Company formation by requirement

Before incorporating a company, or even choosing a jurisdiction, you need to plan a corporate structure for your business, and, based on this, decide the purpose of the company you wish to incorporate. There are a few criteria, you may be looking for in a jurisdiction for your company, based on your goals:

Check company formation options depending on your corporate requirements: Criteria

Company formation by location

Confidus Solutions can offer you company formation services in any country in the world, including popular offshore locations. However, there are numerous possible jurisdictions, all offering different benefits, and so it is essential to choose the right country for setting up your company. Depending on your personal goals, corporate structure and other requirements, our professional lawyers will advise you on the best jurisdiction in which to start your business.

You should bear in mind that every country has its own legal conventions. For example, countries using a British-style common law system will have slightly different company formation procedures and legal business structures to countries that use a continental European legal system or Sharia law. When it comes to company formation, cultural and historical differences should also to be taken into consideration, as different regions have different cultural backgrounds and legal traditions. Choose a jurisdiction for your company based on geographical positioning.

See possible destinations and international business hotspots available for a company incorporation: Location

Company formation by business structure

Before incorporating a company, or even choosing a jurisdiction, you need to plan a corporate structure for your business, and, based on this, decide the purpose of the company you wish to incorporate. Understanding the business structure of your company is essential, as it will determine the jurisdiction and the type of company you choose in order to best meet your needs.

Depending on the fact, if you are going to have a trading or a holding company - difeerent solutions may be applied. That is why it is essential to choose the right business structure.

Discover types of enterprises by purpose, possible corporate structures and solutions: Type

Company formation by legal structure

As different legal entities are usually subject to different taxation rules, it is essential to have a clear vision for your company, including its scope of activity and corporate structure. For tax planning purposes, it is crucial to choose the right legal structure for your business; otherwise, you risk incurring extra expenses that could easily have been avoided.

Read here about each of the most common legal company structures and decide whether you are going to register an LLC, LP, branch office or something different.

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The procedure of company formation

Company formation refers to the process of incorporating a company, which leads to registration in the official public register. For convenience, we will split the whole procedure into three main stages, but you should bear in mind that, in reality, the incorporation procedure is much more complex and there are many factors to be taken into account.

Read the preparation, registration and finalisation stages of company formation procedure.

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