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Prestigious jurisdictions

If you are looking for an opportunity to establish a large, international corporation that is set to become an important player in the market, there are three criteria that will undoubtedly be at the top of your list: a reliable company name, a perfectly designed logo and a head office in the most prestigious jurisdiction in the world.

'Prestige' refers to a widespread respect and admiration for someone or something on the basis of a perception of achievement or quality. Confidus Solutions can offer you numerous prestigious jurisdictions worldwide — take a look at our offered solutions.

Here are our top choices out of the prestigious jurisdictions we offer.


A view in LuxembourgLuxembourg is a small central European country bordering Belgium, France and Germany. Its status as a tax haven stems from its business-friendly environment and corporate tax regulations, which together allow foreign companies to reduce their tax bills by incorporating within its borders. Approximately 33% of the United States Fortune Top 500 businesses have subsidiary companies in Luxembourg, which offers many options for foreign investment. Read more about companies in Luxembourg here.


A view in IrelandIreland is a natural gateway to Europe. Changes in commercial legislation regarding the residence of directors and the low corporate tax rate make Ireland the perfect place to incorporate your limited liability company, offering long-term, prestigious, low-tax solutions and ready-made companies, with VAT, nominees and remote services available. Incorporate an Irish company now.

The United Kingdom (UK)

A view in the United KingdomA UK Ltd company with VAT provides extensive options for tax planning, together with nominee services — it’s a popular jurisdiction for trading companies. Ready-made companies with VAT are available as well as nominees. Bank accounts can be set up and managed remotely.

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A view in LatviaThe optimum solution for VAT triangle trading operations in Europe, allowing you to establish a tax-resident company from day one, with cheap and easy maintenance. A residence permit programme is available for company shareholders. Ready-made companies with VAT are available, as well as nominees and remote banking services. Read more about this jurisdiction here.


A view in SwitzerlandIn Switzerland, resident companies are subject to a corporate income tax (CIT). The CIT is applied to any profits generated in Switzerland. Corporate taxation is distributed and levied on three levels: federal, cantonal and communal. Switzerland offers an easy-to-follow incorporation procedure. The most common legal structure is a limited liability company (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung), which requires a minimum share capital of 20 000 CHF (~18 610 EUR). Read more about Swiss company formation here.


A view in LiechtensteinLiechtenstein is renowned for offering a great opportunity to incorporate foundations. At least one member of a foundation must be a resident of Liechtenstein, and the minimum capital required is 30 000 CHF (~27 942 EUR). This can be a perfect solution for holding assets and properties independently from their actual beneficial owner. A foundation offers several major benefits, including privacy protection, no enforcement of foreign judgements and rulings and no interest for beneficiaries. Open a company in Liechtenstein now.

Hong Kong

A view in Hong KongIn Hong Kong, the available company types are 有限公司 or 無限公司. Hongkonger. 有限公司 in Chinese means 'limited', which may denote either a private or public company limited by shares, or a company limited by guarantee. 無限公司 in Chinese means 'unlimited', which is similar to a limited liability company (Ltd) but with a few important differences. As Hong Kong is an international business hub, it is home to many huge, globally recognised companies, such as Cathay Pacific, HSBC, Shaw Brothers Studio, U2 Clothing, CLP Group and many others. Read more about Hong Kong here.


A view in SingaporeIn Singapore, your options are a private limited company, a sole proprietorship or a partnership. Singapore is an important regional business hub, offering modern infrastructure and a rapidly growing economy. Many business leaders and investors choose Singapore for its prestige as an international business centre. Singapore offers a well-developed, business-oriented open market economy. Its rapidly growing economy has been ranked as the world’s most open and the seventh least corrupt, with the best business environment, one of the lowest tax rates in the world and the third highest per-capita GDP in terms of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). APEC is also headquartered in Singapore. Read more here about how to open a company in Singapore.

The United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.)

A view in the UAEAs you will know, the U.A.E. consists of several emirates, each of which has its own local legislation and government. We would strongly recommend considering Dubai as a location for the incorporation of your foreign company. Today, Dubai attracts more and more foreign investors every day due to its rapid economic growth and its perfect facilities and infrastructure. Dubai is a modern city, famous as a regional business centre and a tax-free zone. The best option for your international company would be to incorporate a free zone company or a foreign company. Click here to learn more about the U.A.E.

Confidus Solutions

Confidus Solutions will help you evaluate all of the possible options and choose an efficient, tailored solution to achieve your personal goals. We will help you analyse the possibilities and choose the best jurisdiction to fit your needs. If you require more information, take a look at our offered solutions or contact us for an offer unique to you.