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Confidus professional team is ready to provide you the best possible solutions, fitting your corporate needs. As every client has specific unique requirements we have several tailor made solutions for the most of the issues you may be facing as a corporation or individual. Shall you require corporate restructuring, asset protection, licensing or any other corporate service – we have the right solution!

In this section you may find more details about our package offer services, involving certain corporate structures or relevant licenses. See offered solutions with explanatory descriptions below.

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Agency structure solution

An agency company is an entity that has entered into an agreement with an offshore company (the principal) to act as an agent. The agency company itself does not conduct business activity in Austria, but receives income from the agency commission.

At all stages, the agency company conducts business on behalf of the customer, who may be a company located in a tax haven, under the terms of the agency agreement. Business transactions are conducted through the Austrian company (which may trade, with VAT, with EU and non-EU companies) and the revenue is received into its bank account. After deducting a commission, the capital amount is transferred to the account of the real seller (e.g. the EU company). The agency commission can be set at 2%, 5% or even higher, and is usually paid annually. The Austrian company will declare the commission received as taxable income in Austria.

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Royalty structure solution

Irish resident companies are very attractive at the moment because they can be used for the utilisation of intellectual property. Until recently, Irish companies have most commonly been used as intermediary licensing companies. Since May 2009, Ireland has also been an attractive jurisdiction for holding intellectual property beneficially.

The reason why Ireland is such an attractive option for the exploitation of royalties is that, generally speaking, no withholding tax is applicable to outgoing royalties (except on patent and mining royalties, but even these may be exempt under certain circumstances).

For many licensing structures, Ireland will be the best location for an intermediary licensing company for the exploitation of all types of intellectual property. With its new, convenient capital allowance regime, Ireland is now an ideal location for developing, holding and exploiting IP. It is important to remember that every case is different, and appropriate advice must always be sought.

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BitCoin and cryptocurrency licensing solution

A cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed as a medium of exchange. It uses cryptography to secure transactions as well as to control the creation of additional currency units. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies, a subset of alternative currencies. The most popular cryptocurrency is bitcoin, and since it was invented the various new cryptocurrencies that have been created are frequently called altcoins, as shorthand for bitcoin alternative.

Bitcoin has successfully positioned itself as another business opportunity for forex and other traders. As discussed earlier, buying and selling bitcoins is an easy, fast and cheap process. Before setting up your bitcoin account, you should be familiar with the status of bitcoin in your country, as well as any other applicable legal regulations and requirements. Bitcoin’s legal status varies significantly from country to country, and in many cases is still undefined or in flux.

Some countries that have managed to come to terms with bitcoin have gone one step further and introduced bitcoin ATMs: internet machines that look similar to regular cash ATMs and allow people to exchange bitcoins and cash. These machines can be used to purchase bitcoins or to change them back into cash. You can even set up your own bitcoin ATM if local regulations allow.

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Jurisdictions offering corporate and licensing solutions

Our corporate agents and tax advisors have capability to develop tailor-made solutions in many jurisdictions, however, some countries offer more favourable corporate legislation and tax regime than others. Our lawyers advise considering following jurisdictions for the representative office incorporation.