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Confidus professional team is ready to provide you the best possible solutions, fitting your corporate needs. As every client has specific unique requirements we have several tailor made solutions for the most of the issues you may be facing as a corporation or individual. Shall you require corporate restructuring, asset protection, licensing or any other corporate service – we have the right solution!

In this section you may find more details about our package offer services, involving certain holding structures for different purposes. See offered solutions with explanatory descriptions below.

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Holding for corporate income tax solution

Structuring a holding company is one of the most challenging tasks for tax advisors and businesses, because there are so many factors to consider in terms of taxation, residence and optimisation. The simple fact that a holding regime exists in a given country will not make the whole structure work. Cyprus and the Netherlands are well known for their favourable tax regimes for holding companies. Contact Confidus now to incorporate a holding structure.

Dutch and Cypriot holding structures: Income tax

Intellectual property holding solution

Cyprus offers a very useful IP tax regime. The law provides for a certain tax exemption for income derived from intellectual property. More specifically, 80% of the worldwide royalty income generated from IP owned by a Cyprus tax-resident company (net of direct expenses) is exempt from income tax. In addition, 80% of profits generated from the disposal of IP owned by Cyprus-resident companies (net of direct expenses) is also exempt from income tax, and any expenditure of a capital nature for the acquisition or development of IP is tax-deductible in the year in which it was incurred and the four subsequent consecutive years.

Companies registered in Cyprus, if managed and controlled from Cyprus, will receive a tax clearance certificate. In order for the company to maintain its management and control in Cyprus, the majority of the company's board of directors must be Cyprus residents, the company's secretary and registered office must be located in Cyprus, the board of directors must hold its meetings in Cyprus and, if possible, the company's shareholders should hold some of their meetings in Cyprus. The tax authorities have also increased their requirements and are now looking into the issuing of powers of attorney by companies. If a general power of attorney is issued by the company allowing someone who is not resident in Cyprus for tax purposes to act on its behalf, this might render the company non-tax resident.

Discover Cypriot holding structure for IP purposes: IP holding

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Jurisdictions often used in holding structures

Our corporate agents and tax advisors have capability to develop tailor-made solutions in many jurisdictions, however, some countries offer more favourable corporate legislation and tax regime than others. Our lawyers advise considering following jurisdictions for the holding structure setup.