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Confidus professional team is ready to provide you the best possible solutions, fitting your corporate needs. As every client has specific unique requirements we have several tailor made solutions for the most of the issues you may be facing as a corporation or individual. Shall you require corporate restructuring, asset protection, licensing or any other corporate service – we have the right solution!

In this section you may find more details about our package offer services, involving tax planning and corporate structure solutions. See offered solutions with explanatory descriptions below.

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The Panama private foundation as an asset protection solution

The Panama foundation is a type of private foundation specifically designed as an asset protection tool. Introduced by the Panamanian Government in 1995 (through the Private Interest Foundation Law), it is based on the principles of Swiss, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein family foundations. The most obvious advantage of the Panamanian private foundation is that it is a distinct legal entity, independently capable of exerting its rights, executing agreements, acquiring property, etc.

On the other hand, the difference between an offshore limited liability company and a private foundation is that the latter does not engage in commercial activity and cannot be used for trading purposes. Nor is it to be confused with a corporation, which has owners and members. However, a Panamanian private foundation can participate in investment activities: real estate, holding shares, bonds, patents, interests, stocks, etc.

A solution for asset protection: Foundation

EU VAT solution

The most popular trading scenario involving companies registered in the EU is the VAT triangulation scheme. Triangulation rules were specially devised in order to simplify cross-border trading, so that EU companies wouldn’t have to register for a VAT number in each EU member state to which they deliver goods. Although triangulation is easy to understand, it seems that for many business owners this trading model is a significant source of misunderstanding.

The first rule to remember is that the model must involve three companies, registered in three different EU member states, each with its own VAT number. One company sells goods to another company, which then sells the same goods on to the third company. However, the goods are transported directly from the first company to the final (third) company.

Read about EU VAT triangulation method: VAT Triangulation

UK trust for personal income tax solution

It is now common practice to establish trusts in tax haven jurisdictions. Not many clients, however, are aware of the advantages that UK-established trusts can bring. The idea of a UK trust is especially attractive when beneficiaries and settlors are located in Europe or other onshore countries and do not wish the transfer of property to be associated with tax havens. Moreover, the law of England (under which the trusts get incorporated) confer the confidence and security of the UK legal system. A trust established in the UK offers reliability and reputation to its owners.

The first trustee of a trust established under the Law of England and Wales must be a UK-resident individual or company. In most cases, the trustee is a professional and licensed UK trust services provider.

Set up a UK trust: UK trust

Tax residence in U.A.E. solution

In recent years, tax residence issues have become very important when dealing with tax declarations for the government, banks and tax offices. Obtaining tax resident status in the UAE has grown in popularity for several reasons:

Confiduss’ professional team can help you acquire tax residence in the UAE, with all the associated legal benefits.

Benefits of U.A.E. tax residence: U.A.E. vehicle

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