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Confidus professional team is ready to provide you the best possible solutions, fitting your corporate needs. As every client has specific unique requirements we have several tailor made solutions for the most of the issues you may be facing as a corporation or individual. Shall you require corporate restructuring, asset protection, licensing or any other corporate service – we have the right solution!

In this section you may find more details about our package offer services, involving trading company and structure solutions. See offered solutions with explanatory descriptions below.

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LP trading solution

The popularity of limited partnerships is easy to understand in today’s business environment. In many jurisdictions, limited partnership structures are designed to be tax transparent. The general partner is responsible for the management of the company and is the only partner with unlimited liability. Each limited partner’s liability is restricted to his or her capital contribution and any undrawn profit. Partnerships can be formed by verbal or written agreement, although written agreements are always preferable.

The most popular jurisdictions for forming limited partnerships are Scotland (under the Limited Partnership Act 1907) and Canada (under the Partnership Act of each of the country’s provinces: Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Ontario and Saskatchewan).

Canadian LP legal vehicle: Trading LP

Online-trading solution

Your EU company will be referred to as the 'merchant'. The merchant account will be opened directly in that company’s name, while the funds will be received into an associated corporate account. The process is as follows: when the acquirer issues a Merchant Identification Number (MID) for the client, they will also provide technical set-up details. Later, the merchant is set up in the payment gateway and its account credentials are configured. You will then be given API integration instructions, and the acquirer’s technical team will probably assist you with this.

This scenario, which should be cleared in advance with your acquirer, includes one extra company, for example, a Hong Kong company that has an arrangement with your EU merchant whereby the merchant acts as a processing agent for the principal Hong Kong company. The Hong Kong partner may lighten the EU company’s tax base to some degree. Any such arrangement between the two partners requires a clear and detailed legal contract. In accordance with the contract between the two parties, the EU merchant handles the whole process of sales, invoicing and collecting payments from customers.

Set up a merchant account for online business: Online trading

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Jurisdictions often used in trading company structures

Our corporate agents and tax advisors have capability to develop tailor-made solutions in many jurisdictions, however, some countries offer more favourable corporate legislation and tax regime than others. Our lawyers advise considering following jurisdictions for the trading structure setup.